Social Media and Audience Engagement

Boston University News Service

I spearheaded the social media accounts of Boston University News Service and created content for them. 

I helped in gaining traction on our webpage. I started this position on Sept. 1, 2021 and by the end of September, according to Google Analytics our web page had 11,000+ views.

I used SEO and the most popular hashtags to promote our social media presence. I also became well-equipped with Google Trends. I developed social media strategies to elevate the user experience.

We recently launched a Tik Tok channel, under my supervision after years of negotiating how to begin one.

I also headed the Boston Marathon 2021 (#BUNSBosMarathon) and the Boston Mayoral Election 2021 (#BUNSBosMayoralElection) coverage. The coverage also included live tweeting and Instagram stories.

One Day at a Time

One Day at a Time started as a development project working on SDG-3, good health and well-being, in collaboration with Millennium Fellowship and United Nations Academic Impact.

It is inspired by my own struggles with mental illness such as bipolar disorder, depression and anxiety.

I started the page to spread awareness about mental health and destigmatize seeking help. 

It was originally just catering to spread awareness about depression in men since toxic masculinity prevents men from ever seeking help. Eventually, after the fellowship ended, I made it a personal goal to continue this project and made it intersectional.

I headed a team of graphics designers and digital content creators in the beginning to make content for the page. However, I quickly ended up working on it solo.

I have used social media strategies like using relevant hashtags, commenting, reposting stories, social media campaigns, and demographic analysis for paid promotions.

I have designed the visuals on my own through Canva and Adobe Photoshop, both at which I am proficient.

Adivasi Lives Matter

Adivasi Lives Matter works to highlight the voice of Indigenous People in India who are often neglected by mainstream media.

I headed their Facebook and Twitter. as their main social media handler. 

I curated and researched news related to the indigenous people in India and created awareness on the issue. 

I was actively involved in digital marketing for the social media platform, designing numerous graphics for Facebook and Twitter, live tweeting, and posting at least 4 tweets everyday. 

I was able to increase their viewership by 10% and people who followed them on Facebook and Twitter by 15%.