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The rise of robots in the culinary world

Imagine this: You enter a restaurant, you are welcomed by a robot, the robot takes your order and then subsequently serves you your meal. Unfathomable, right? Well, not anymore. The culinary world is experiencing an upsurge of robotic technology. These cutting-edge culinary robots are catering to the increasing demands in restaurants and food industries, thereby streamlining the kitchen operations and revolutionising the future of gastronomy.

World Hepatitis Day 2023: Understanding different types of hepatitis, symptoms, treatment and prevention methods

World Hepatitis Day is observed on July 28. The day is an opportunity to step up national and international efforts on hepatitis, encourage individual actions and engagement and highlight the need for a greater global response.

Early detection and diagnosis are key to better treatment outcomes for deadly diseases like hepatitis often presenting silent and vague symptoms. So, we turned to experts to understand the different types of viral hepatitis, their signs and symptoms, treatment methods an

‘My mother would often say I began singing before I talked’: Vidushi Sumitra Guha opens up on her classical music journey

Renowned vocalist Vidushi Sumitra Guha is known for her expertise in Carnatic and Hindustani schools of music. Her boundless talent and rich repertoire, which comprises everything from Carnatic classical music to devotional music to Rabindra sangeet and much more, make her a real-life nightingale.

The Padma Shri and Sangeet Natak Akademi awardee has conceptualised and composed a musical extravaganza titled “Veer Meera”—with an aim to spread the message of women’s awakening and liberation by bri

Shraddha Kapoor opens up on her fitness routine, beauty secrets, favourite cuisine and biggest learnings in life

With more than 20 films under her belt, Shraddha Kapoor has come a long way from her debut movie Teen Patti. The actor, who recently starred in the movie Tu Jhoothi Main Makkar, has slowly and steadily become one of the most loved and sought-after stars of her generation in the industry. She might be a star kid, but Shraddha Kapoor has managed to carve a niche for herself with her back-to-back stellar performances. But beyond her on-screen persona, her bubbly nature, candour and charm make her t

Kajal Aggarwal and sister Nisha channel their inner queens in a bridal collection

Taking to Instagram, Kajal posted a reel featuring her and Nisha embodying grace and royalty in the modern lehenga sets and opulent jewellery. (Source: Kajal Aggarwal/Instagram)

Looking regal as ever, actor Kajal Aggarwal and her sister Nisha turned muse for Kerala-based renowned designer brands T&M Signature and M.O.D Signature Jewellery.

The duo looked surreal in the contemporary bridal wear from the La Naina collection. Taking to Instagram, Kajal posted a reel featuring her and Nisha embody

Deeya Bajaj on climbing Seven Summits with father: ‘When outdoors, challenges don’t discriminate based on gender’

ver since Deeya Bajaj saw her father, Ajeet, a Padma Shri awardee undertake adventure sports, she, too, wanted to follow in his footsteps. Her father skied both North and South Poles, making him the first Indian to ever do so. Soon, at the tender age of 17, Deeya became the youngest individual in the world to finish a cross-country skiing expedition across the Greenland Icecap, creating a feat of her own. However, the father-daughter duo began undertaking outdoor expeditions together as well. La

‘Going Solo’: A documentary on two women cyclists and their pursuit of freedom

All of us crave freedom, however, only a few of us are able to break the shackles of societal norms and experience a taste of freedom. More often than not, it is women who are bound by matrimonial obligations, household responsibilities, and caregiving duties, making it difficult for them to pursue such freedom. But breaking these norms are two Indian women – Gareema Shankar and Renu Singhi – who ventured out in the pursuit of freedom and took charge of their own lives.

Defying conventional norm

What is ‘micro-cheating’, the latest dating term on the block?

With time, dating has changed. And with new ways of dating, there are new terms and trends that have emerged which we are gradually learning to wrap our heads around. One such fascinating dating term which is the new kid on the block is called ‘micro-cheating’. Unlike traditional cheating, micro-cheating is used to describe behaviours that are not usually considered true infidelity but may have some indicators of infidelity such as dishonesty and secrecy while in a committed relationship.


All you need to know about ‘possible carcinogen’ aspartame and products it is used in

Aspartame, one of the world’s most common artificial sweeteners, is set to be declared a possible carcinogen this month by a leading global health body. The International Agency for Research on Cancer (IARC), the cancer research arm of the World Health Organization (WHO), will list aspartame as “possibly carcinogenic to humans” for the first time in July, as per a Reuters report on June 29.

“Following this, the joint FAO/WHO Expert Committee on Food Additives will update its risk assessment exe

Age-old art of Lambani embroidery was languishing, but now designers, NGOs are giving it a firm push

Asha Patil and Seema Kishore had one goal in mind when they founded their brand Banjara Kasuti – to revive the age-old craft of Lambani embroidery that was slowly dying. With a passion for traditional art and a vision to empower marginalised communities who had practiced the craft for long, the two founded their label in 2017.

“In the midst of the era of fast fashion, I couldn’t help but notice a disheartening trend among the Lambani community. I observed that the women were gradually abandonin

Designer Shruti Gupta on creating Kriti Sanon’s mythical ‘Ayodhya Tales’ shawl for Adipurush promotions

Kriti Sanon is creating a lot of buzz over her recently-released movie, Adipurush, which also stars Prabhas and Saif Ali Khan in leading roles. Sanon, who plays the Sita-inspired role of Janaki, has left everyone impressed with her sartorial choices during her appearances. Her latest pick is a stunning ethnic ensemble, which included an Anarkali with a resplendent shawl drawn from the legends of Ayodhya.

The regal ethnic attire featured an Anarkali set adorned with intricate embroidery. However

Meet the Japanese artist who transforms unsold bread into luminescent lamps

“While working as a staff member at a bakery when I was a student, I noticed the various interesting possibilities being made out of bread — that I had never seen before. Bread looks the same every day but can be completely different depending on the daily temperature and humidity, the condition of the yeast and the artisan who makes it. It is like a living thing, lovely and endearing, and I fell in love with bread. I had studied art at school and immediately wondered if I could create a work of

Named after a Lewis Carroll novel, this syndrome may lead people to ‘experience a distorted sense of their own size’

One of the most common misconceptions around AIWS is that it is a purely psychological condition. (Source: Freepik)

Named after a Lewis Carroll novel, this syndrome may lead people to ‘experience a distorted sense of their own size’

Named after a Lewis Carroll novel, this syndrome may lead people to ‘experience a distorted sense of their own size’

Jeremy Andrew Davis, a writer and film director, always experienced severe panic attacks but never understood the cause behind them. On seeking hel

How Museum on Wheels aims to ‘revolutionise the way we experience art, culture, and history’

Imagine if museums, instead of being buildings or enclosed stationary spaces, were moving entities, travelling across the world, presenting old treasures to people who may never have had the opportunity to see them otherwise. This idea becomes even more relevant considering that only 15 per cent of the population visits a museum every year, leaving a sizable proportion of individuals unable to access these institutions due to physical and geographical limitations, as per a report by the Museum o

‘You won’t get a 100% match; if 60-70% of your criteria are met, you should proceed’: Sima Taparia shares thumb rule of successful matchmaking

Sima Taparia — who loves to introduce herself as “Sima from Mumbai” — is back for Season Three of Indian Matchmaking. Popularly addressed as ‘Sima Aunty’ on the Netflix reality show, she works to match Indians looking for a life partner across the globe. The process she follows entails building a “criteria list”, basis which begins the search, often with the help of an astrologer, a face reader, and a life coach. Her mantra is simple and for all — one must “adjust” and “compromise” to find a sui

‘A spiritual tribute to soil’: Celebrating the ancient technique of Dabu, one block print at a time

At the last edition of the Lakmé Fashion Week x FDCI, fashion designer Anavila Misra showcased a collection — titled ‘Dabu’ — that celebrated the ancient mud-resist hand block printing technique from Rajasthan. On being asked why she chose the same for her latest creations, the designer said that she was intrigued and fascinated by the idea that “mud can help us create something so delicate and beautiful”.

“This craft is a deep act of reverence to nature, a spiritual tribute to the soil — the f

From painful sex, being confined to bed, taboo, to mood swings: Women on how endometriosis is ‘more than just painful periods’

She was only in Grade 10 when Sakshi Gupta experienced painful periods for the first time. Dismissing it as a “normal symptom” of the menstrual cycle, she started taking over-the-counter painkillers. But things only got worse, and she was forced to visit a gynaecologist. However, there was still no solution in sight for a long time. “My condition was repeatedly misdiagnosed, and often my symptoms were also discounted — until finally, in 2018 — I was told I have endometriosis.”

While the diagnos

‘Every joint, muscle, nerve started aching’: People share their struggles living with fibromyalgia

In 2018, Hina Arora, a software engineer, experienced widespread pain in her neck and shoulders, which gradually spread throughout her body. The excruciating pain affected her daily activities, and was often accompanied by episodes of anxiety attacks, mood swings, and periods of feeling low, “which worsened during the menstrual cycle”. “All this, in the absence of any understanding and support from others, led me to feel extremely isolated,” she told

Eventually, she joined ph

‘Melancholic and heartwarming’: Van Gogh 360° catches the fancy of art lovers in Delhi-NCR

Dutch painter Vincent van Gogh is, undoubtedly, one of the most famous and influential figures in the history of Western art. Both his art and personal life have drawn curiosity, whether it is his magnum opus painting The Starry Night (1889), which is believed to have been drawn by the artist from an asylum room in Southern France, or him cutting off his own ear, supposedly after an altercation with artist Paul Gauguin.

Now, his art has been brought to life through Van Gogh 360°, a multimedia a

‘I would lie there wide awake; it felt like a constant daze’: People share their struggles living with insomnia

Sleep evaded Biren Vora since he was nine years old, but was only diagnosed with insomnia in 2017 — over 50 years later. Always restless and struggling to sleep, things worsened for the founder of a financial service company when he started working late night shifts. “I used to toss and turn in bed the whole night trying to sleep. Disruptive thoughts would cloud my mind, which further induced anxiety,” he said, adding that his addiction to tea only worsened the symptoms.

After trying everything

Not the same as baby blues, postpartum depression can lead to feelings of discontentment, distress, and disconnect with the baby

It was six months after delivering her baby that Bhawna Sharma first experienced signs of postpartum depression (PPD), which presented as her becoming irritable, annoyed, and having sudden and frequent bursts of crying. Talking about the phase, she said that she felt overwhelmed while taking care of her newborn son, who was very weak, and also her sick mother-in-law. “The sole responsibility of managing household chores came upon me, which only added to the sleepless nights, and immense stress a

Designer Shubhika Sharma on creating Liza Koshy’s NMACC gala outfit that featured names of karigars

The launch of the Nita Mukesh Ambani Cultural Centre — touted as India’s first-of-its-kind multi-disciplinary cultural and art space — was attended by many celebrities, from both Hollywood and Bollywood. Among them was Liza Koshy, American actor and Youtuber, who graced the event in a stunning mermaid-fitted lehenga set designed by Shubhika Sharma, founder of Papa Don’t Preach. But there was a unique element to Koshy’s outfit, one that stood out among the milling crowd.

While many celebrities w

‘It felt like the only thing I could control’: People share their struggles with compulsive cleaning

In college, Divya Rehani, a 28-year-old entreprenuer, had a constant urge to clean her surroundings. Even a speck of dust or dirt made her feel uneasy. Talking about the time, she said that she was going through an “emotionally challenging period and cleaning felt like the only thing I could control”. She shared that, for her, cleaning became more of a coping mechanism through which “I could at least have some order in my life.”

Similarly, Mahak Agrawal, who was born with a heart defect and dia
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