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‘I Am Not An Alien’, Sonu Anand Sharma’s Journey With Deafness

Sonu Anand Sharma’s hearing impairment deterred her, but never stopped her. Here is her journey from overcoming adversity to being a strong advocate f... Sonu Anand Sharma was born deaf and mute. There was 100% hearing impairment in both her ears at the time of birth. Despite being eager to learn, Sharma could not understand what was going on during classes because the teachers either did not know sign language or didn’t know it well enough to teach someone. Deafness requires special attention

How Not To Fall Out Of Love, Experts Weigh In

It is easy to fall in love, but can be difficult to stay in it. Here are some tips by experts for couples to keep the flame lit in their relationships... Love is not just a chemical reaction caused by neurotransmitters like oxytocin and dopamine cross-firing in your brain. It is an emotion that goes far deeper than that. When you’re in love with someone there are biological and chemical changes that happen in your body. “Overall, romantic love as a phenomenon can be said to be biological. Its

Twitter Battles Impersonator Accounts After Launching Paid Verification System

The wave of impersonation comes as Twitter allowed users to buy blue ticks for their profiles without providing identity verification. Hours after the launch of the new paid verification system, Twitter appears to be fighting celebrity and corporate impersonator accounts as they misuse the blue check mark privileges. Multiple verified Twitter impersonator accounts have been suspended by the platform after they tweeted misleading content. The celebrities and companies who have been impersonated

‘I Have Learnt To Live With Endometriosis’: A Woman Shares Her Experience

According to a survey, women have been told that living with endometriosis is a normal part of being a woman, which denies the severity of the ailment... Tanvi*, a 26 year old corporate lawyer, had severe period cramps in late 2019, which were unbearable to the extent that she had a blackout in the shower due to the pain. She fainted but was one of the lucky ones to know the steps she should take afterwards as her parents are doctors. Not a lot of women realise the underlying condition to symp

5 Wedding Photographers Perfect For Large To Intimate Ceremonies

From those sweet candid moments to making you look good while munching on wedding food, these photographers will make your wedding mesmerising. You are all decked up for your wedding and the wedding venue looks like it's right out of your dreams; now all you need is a person behind the lens to capture the perfect moments. These photographs will become part of your wedding albums and be posted on Instagram, but will also transport you decades later to one of the most memorable days of your life

How To Alleviate Period Pain And Cramps, An Expert Weighs In

Period pain can be a symptom of premenstrual syndrome (PMS). The feeling of cramps is caused by the release of certain substances in the body called p... Cramping and pain around the time of your menstruation is fairly common. More than half the menstruators report experiencing period pain for about one to two days in a month. Usually, these cramps occur at the beginning of your period. Other symptoms such as bloating, headache and fatigue are also common. We asked an expert to weigh our optio

‘Out Of Here’: Celebrities Exit Twitter After Elon Musk’s Takeover

Many celebrities have vowed and already left Twitter after Elon Musk’s acquisition of the platform. Elon Musk taking over Twitter has made many celebrities in Hollywood leave the platform. After Musk named himself “chief Twit,” fired top executives, and announced his plans to change Twitter’s content moderation system and bands, high-profile individuals and celebrities fear these changes will make Twitter a haven for hate speech and inappropriate content on the platform. As a result, many have

Imposter Syndrome Affects Women More Than Men

Imposter Syndrome is defined as doubting one’s abilities and feeling like a fraud. As Malvika Sheth puts it, “Especially as a woman, the lack of equal... Imposter Syndrome as a concept developed in the 1970s, however it is not classified as a psychological illness. It happens not only due to negative self-perceptions, but also systemic biases such as classism, racism, sexism, and xenophobia, which makes one second guess themselves in workplaces and outside. It is especially prominent in women d

Married Women Asked To Do House Chores Doesn't Amount To Cruelty: Bombay HC

The Aurangabad bench of the Bombay High Court said that married women asked to do house chores cannot amount to cruelty. The Bombay High Court’s Aurangabad bench recently gave the verdict that a married woman being asked to do household work would not amount to cruelty towards her under the Indian Penal Code section 498A, and quelled the domestic violence case. The woman alleged that she was “treated like a maid” The woman who filed the case said that for one month after her marriage in Decem

Person In Chile Gets First Gender Neutral Identity Card

Shane Cienfuegos received his identity document on October 14, after fighting a legal battle for more than nine years. Shane Cienfuegos became the first non-binary person to get a gender-neutral identity document in Chile. In the section to recognise gender, the identity card is marked with an X for the third gender instead of an “F” or “M” for female or male, respectively. Talking to AFP, the 29-year-old said that they feel a “great weight” of responsibility in spite of their win over centuri

How Better Urban Planning Can Create Gender-Inclusive Public Spaces

From well-lit spaces to more planning officials across the gender spectrum, here are some ways infrastructure and design can create gender-inclusive p... Public spaces ideally should be environments or places which are open and available to all residents, irrespective of gender, age, ethnicity, race, ability or socio-economic status. However, traditionally these spaces were modelled and constructed for cis-hetero abled male bodies. The interrelation between space and gender exists on a histori

Miranda House Sexual Harassment Incident Is Nothing New, Say Former Students

As the clip of men climbing the walls of Miranda House went viral, a public outrage on social media against the harassers took centre stage. The abhorrent display of misogyny as men climbed Miranda House’s walls and continued to harass women students during the Diwali Mela, Onella, on October 14, makes it apparent that treating women as objects of desire is far from being eradicated. The student who posted the video alleged that once the men entered the campus they engaged in “cat-calling, grop

Bringing Patriarchy To Its Knees: 3 Women On How They Run Their Cloud Kitchens

The cloud kitchen industry has gained popularity after the lockdown and is competing with dine-in restaurants. Here are three women entrepreneurs who ... A cloud kitchen utilises home or commercial spaces for the purpose of preparing food for delivery or takeout, with no dine-in customers. They enable individuals to start a virtual brand at a minimal cost and pursue their passion for cooking. These business models have been spoken about a lot since the beginning of the lockdown. But the food d

Nuanced Storytelling To Better Representation: How Women Playwrights Stand Out

Theatre is not only a form of entertainment, but has often been a place for resistance to colonialism and structural inequalities in society. For a long time, theatre has been a means to interact at a community level and be an artform that mixes with social activism. The origin of Indian theatre can be traced back to the First Century BCE, but female representation only started in the 20th Century. Feminist theatre started in the 1970s to subvert the male-dominated discourses in regional theatr

Breast Cancer Awareness Month: Survivors Share Their Stories

Every October, people share their support for everyone affected by breast cancer. Here are three women who narrate their tales of courage from diagnos... Breast cancer is not transmissible unlike some cancers such as cervical cancer which can be communicable if caused by HPV. Certain factors such as increasing age, obesity, alcohol use, family history, exposure to radiation, reproductive history, and tobacco use can increase the risk of breast cancer. According to the World Health Organization

5 Street Art Spots in Delhi That You Must Visit

Be it a solo trip or a photography walk with your loved ones, these street art spots in Delhi are a must-see for art lovers. Street art is artwork that is displayed in public places on surrounding buildings, dilapidated walls, and other publicly visible surfaces. The work has moved away from the beginnings of graffiti and vandalism, and is often commissioned by the government or private companies for social messaging and beautification of the city. It has become a part of Delhi’s culture and i

5 Feminist Novels You Should Add To Your Reading List

These feminist novels written by women are a must read for every bibliophile. Literary works remain one of the most important sources of documented history by capturing the ethos of a bygone time. Literature can ensure that often marginalised voices do not remain unheard and forgotten. And engaging novels can only add to the feminist literary oeuvre. So whether you want to pass time, find solace in a nook of your house, or gain knowledge, these feminist novels should be at the top of your list

Sexism Is More Common Than You Think & It Starts In Schools

Besides being asked to wear a skirt of “proper” length, there are many more sexist attitudes girls face in schools. Despite seeing a significant improvement in the gross enrollment rate (GER)—a measure to determine student enrollment across primary, secondary and higher secondary schools, with GER for girls being at par with boys across educational levels, there is the persisting problem of sexism at schools. Sexism is gender-based discrimination that occurs to maintain power differences betwe

The Supreme Court Rules A Split Verdict In Karnataka Hijab Ban Case

The hijab ban case which has led to a women’s rights movement in India, came to a convoluted conclusion, with the matter being passed to the Chief Jus... The Supreme Court passed a split verdict today on the batch of appeals that challenged the ban on Muslim girls wearing Hijab in educational instituitions in Karnataka. The hearing of the top most court on the matter spanned over 10 days before the bench of Justices Hemant Gupta and Sudhanshu Dhulia came to a decision. While Justice Hemant Gup

Postpartum Depression May Be The Culprit Behind Why You Can't Connect With Your Baby

Many women experience post-partum blues, but these blues can turn into depression, where women experience extreme low moods. Baby blues are very common and affect most new mothers, however postpartum depression (PPD) is a phenomenon that occurs in mothers after delivery of their baby. The signs and symptoms of postpartum depression are intense, long-lasting, and affect the daily functioning of the new mother. Here is what an expert and a woman who has experienced postpartum depression had to s
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